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A new ally for your beard: Cortina Beard & Hair Shower Shampoo
  -    -  A new ally for your beard: Cortina Beard & Hair Shower Shampoo

CORTINA Beard & Hair Shower Shampoo

Life is made of steps and rituals. Nowadays man loves rediscovering  lost habits and pleasures forgotten for generations as the ritual of shaving at  the barber shop, where in the past  almost all men used to go. Today  the  practice of shaving  is considered as an everyday wellness ritual, something that goes behind the need. For this reason we have created The Ritual, our essential and complete  line dedicated to man who wants to take care of his look protecting the skin through a perfect shaving.

Natural benefits

After the 7 steps  for a perfect shaving with the The Ritual products , it’s now time to present the latest new thing of Emmediciotto. It’s Cortina, our Shower/Shampoo that takes care of Beard, hair and body.

Cortina Beard & Hair Shower Shampoo cleans beard, hair and body delicately, respecting them. Perfect for a frequent use it leaves the hair soft, the beard  is  clean and the skin is hydrated.

Its formula offers natural benefits:

–   The Bamboo extract  promotes the hair regrowth and reduces seborrhea

– The Mint extract stimulates microcirculation balancing the sebaceous secretions

–  Aloe and Vitamin E give a soothing and hydrating action.


The Ritual

Use: Apply on wet  beard, hair and body , massage delicately and proceed with rinse.

New ally

The new ally to make Your beard impeccable: Cortina Beard & Hair Shower Shampoo.


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