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Create the perfect style with con 21 YOUR STYLE DUST

Success and satisfaction. These are the 2 concepts linked to the number 21 that represents the perfection, the state that every woman wants to achieve in terms of beauty and femininity.

A perfection made of gestures, words and attention for the look!

If your wish is creating every day the perfect style for your hair  and if you love  extreme looks you must try our new 21 YOUR STYLE DUST: the styling powder.  The result of a long and  accurate research that allows to shape and fix the locks with just a few simple gestures.

21 YOUR STYLE DUST styling is the solution designed to control rebel hair and over all to create the style you desire. It’s a fine and light dust able to add volume and thickness to the finest hair. A beauty product ideal for all kind of hair, of any length: its composition  brings concrete benefits on dry and greasy hair.

Why to use 21 YOUR STYLE DUST

Extra hold Style: it creates texture on every kind of hair, especially if thin.

Style: it gives fullness and support to thin hair  for a volumizing effect. The micro particles act on the hair giving tone and vigor in order to create volume without using any brush or blow dry

Immediate result: it quickly transforms lifeless hair in vivid hair rich of volume.

Perfect Shaping: Gives shape and keep every single lock under control

Shape and structure: defines the hair and it’s perfect for shortcuts, bob cuts, and hairdos

Holding: it keeps hairdos and it’s humidity resistant

Performance: it defines cuts and hairdos and it’s perfect for an extreme and uncombed hair

Pocket size: it follows you everywhere. Thanks to its practical size you can bring it with you and model your hair, wherever you are.


How to use 21 YOUR STYLE DUST

Apply 21 your style dust on dry hair on the root and length according to the style required shaping the locks with fingers. Otherwise you can put some dust on the palm of the hand  and then, massage the area to shape. It doesn’t leave any visible residue and it’s washed away with the first shampoo.

21 YOUR STYLE DUST è amico del benessere!

  • 100% VEGAN

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