All secrets for perfect curls!
  -    -  All secrets for perfect curls!

How to obtain beautiful and shiny curls?

Curls are trendy again!!!

Beautiful, shiny, soft and healthy curls require special treatments and deep nourishment. To keep this delicate balance it is necessary to take care of every step of curl beauty routine.

Emmediciotto curl routine:

22 Luxury Argan Shampoo cleanses delicately and gives hydration, 22 Luxury Argan Mask assures ultimate hydration and makes the hair structure stronger.

What does complete our curl routine?


Structuring cream to create, support and strengthen natural or permed curls. Enriched with Argan oil, panthenol, wheat proteins and keratin which give vitality and shine to curly hair.

USE: Apply Argan Curl generously on wet hair, use a diffuser or allow to air dry. Apply Argan Curl every day on dry hair to shape and support curls.