A beauty to caress: 22 Luxury Argan Body Care
  -    -  A beauty to caress: 22 Luxury Argan Body Care

A beauty to caress

Today we tell you about a magic ingredient for the beauty and care of your body: Argan oil also known as “gold of the desert”, a rare and precious extract having several beneficial  virtues for the health of the skin and the wellbeing of the body.

We have already told you about the benefits of the line dedicated to the haircare, now is the moment to reveal all the secrets of the new products designed to protect the skin.

Every day smog, fine dust pollution and external agents stress our skin. To avoid negative effects it’s fundamental to protect it  with products able to grant a total protection. Our two beauty alleys are ready to stand along size to give you a softer and brighter skin.

22 Luxury Argan BODY OIL Cleansing

22 Luxury Argan BODY OIL Cleansingit’s a fine combination of oils that cleans the all body . Argan oil ( its main active principle) and sunflower oil  (rich in E vitamins and antioxidant) nourish and protect the  skin barrier delicately. The innovative formula  combines a high concentration of hydrating elements with lipo-restitutive, soothing  and  anti-redness active principles. Apply on wet skin with a gentle massage. After a fast rinse, it leaves your skin clean, scented, soft to touch.

22 Luxury Argan BODY MIST Moisturizing

22 Luxury Argan BODY MIST Moisturizing it’s a fine milk that hydrates leaving  a pleasant  scent. Among its active principles you find everything’s for the skin : Karité butter, anti-oxidant and regenerating argan oil, sunflower and sweet almonds oil, anti-age Sodium Hyaluronate, D panthenol hydrating and soothing. In order to better take advantage of all these characteristics, spray it on the skin after shower and massage delicately to favor absorption.

Thanks to cosmetic properties of Argan oil your skin will soon be healthier, soft and hydrated. For a beauty to caress.