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I-potion 3 : gives a new life to your hair with the Ozone
  -    -  I-potion 3 : gives a new life to your hair with the Ozone

Eliminate free radicals with the power of Ozone

Every day, every hour, every minute our body produces a huge quantity of free radicals that are the cause of the aging process of skin and hair. Our body keeps this process under control in a natural way through the production of antioxidant agents. But as time passes, this production slows down and it is  necessary to find  a remedy to fight against this process. For this reason we have studied and projected a treatment I Potion 3: a regenerating system ozone based that gives the hair a new brightness, resistence and shininess, at home  and in the salon.

Why choosing the ozone?

  • It stimulates the production of collagen slowing down the aging process of the cells
  • It protects against the risks of sun rays exposure thanks to UVA-UVB filters
  • It filters the ultraviolet radiations keeping the ecological balance of our planet

I-potion 3: a treatment for all hair types

I-potion 3: a treatment for all hair types

I potion 3 is composed by Ozone shampoo, ozone treatment ( to be applied in the salon) and ozone water ( to use at home to keep taking care of the hair). The treatment is suitable for all hair types: thanks to its double action it penetrates inside the hair rebuilding the hair fiber ans giving new body  and shininess. Let’s discover it together!


It performs a deep but delicate cleansing. Its composition based on ozonized argan oil hydrates and nourishes  every single lock. It’s an excellent base to boost the efficacy of the treatment. Its formula is paraben free and not tested on animals.

Use ( in the salon)

Apply Ozone shampoo on wet hair and massage delicately. Rinse well and proceed with applying the ozone treatment.


It gives body, untangle and polish the hair. All the  virtues of the ozonized Argan oil are kept in a water with a maximum hydrating power.

Use ( In the salon and at home) :

Apply OZONE WATER on wet hair and proceed with the desired styling. Use it to maitain the traitment together with ozone treatment.


It makes the hair stroger and thiker and gives it a new structure for a younger and shining aspect.

Use ( in the salon):

Wash your hair with Ozone Shampoo and towel dry. Divide the Hair in in two sections in the centre from ear to ear.  Then, divide in 3 sections the right and left part and in 5 sections the back part. Apply 1-2 doses  on each section  and massage the locks to let the product penetrate in the best way. Comb well with tangle mouse and leave on for 10 minutes, towel dry and proceed drying the hair. We suggest to apply the treatment once a week for a month in combination with the ozone water . The I potion 3 treatment ozone based is the perfect solution to eliminate free radicals and  to fight against the aging process of the cells.


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