Velvet Seduction

It is a matter of weave. It is a matter of warp. It is a matter of style, class, elegance. It is not important whether your hair is long or short, curly or very frizzy. What does matter is the final result, smooth and seductive hair to touch, admire and envy. Discover the secret in Emmediciotto salons, it is called LISS, a new professional smoothing treatment of the highest level with natural ingredients, result of Emmediciotto research. 1 Preparing Shampoo, 2 Plus Absolute Smoothing Hair, 3 Final Conditioner: 3 products formulated to make your hair smooth and seductive as velvet!

Natural active ingredients

To keep smooth and long-lasting blow-dry aften means your hair is stressed by high temperature of irons and blow-dryers. For this reason it is important to choose products that contain natural ingredients able to nourish, remineralize e restructure the hair fibre. Thanks to LISS you avoid stressing your hair. The innovative formulation of LISS contains numerous active ingredients (aloe vera, camomile extract, guar dum, soya amino acids, wheat, silk, keratin and collagen, argan oil) that take care of your hair in a natural way making it strong and healthy.

A gentle massage

If you want to obtain a flawless result, the first step is to prepare your hair to receive the smoothing treatment with 1 Preparing Shampoo: a natural product to massage on wet hair. It cleanses gently the scalp thanks to aloe vera and rebalances the hair thanks to camomile extract.

New beauty

After shampoo, the second step to obtain perfectly smooth hair requires the application of 2 Plus Absolute Smoothing Hair, an anti-frizz smoothing fluid that gives new beauty to hair. A unique formulation made of a sophisticated combination of vegetal ingredients, amino acids and phyto proteins takes off frizz and volume. The product is applied with a special measuring cup all over the hair and left on for half an hour. When the application time is over, the hair is blow-dried and ironed, then rinsed with lukewarm water.

Light and Wellbeing

A very last step to finish the perfect smoothign is 3 Final Conditioner. This formulation is rich in natural ingredients such as keratin, argan oil and collagen and increases the hydration level, so the smooth effect lasts longer. Apply on wet hair and leave on for 5 minutes. Then proceed with the blow-dry and flat iron. What about the result? New light and wellbeing for your hair, always neat. Beauty and Seduction, with 3 simple steps.