Irresistible coral

A shade full of life, with a dolden accent that give energy and refreshes delicately. What are we talking about? About Living Coral, of course, a protagonist color of 2019 for fashion, design and beauty industry. This year you can show off all the shades between pink and peach, on your hair and not only.

Easy and ironic

Be prepared to see it everywhere: on social media, shop windows, inside beauty salons. The experts of Pantone Color Institute described coral as “a color that represents a fusion of the modern life, always around us in the real life and actively present on social media at the same time. It has a sociable and joyful essence, pushes to act with a light spirit, optimism and wish to play.”

Elegant and full of light

If you want to play, pay attention to the inspiration and originality of stylists who create and dare. The most prestigious brands launched coral red in their collections on cat walks: Marc Jacobs and Chanel, Versace and Burberry, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. Mix contrasts between vivid colors and retrò lines to creare light and elegant outfits. The world of make-up is in love with coral as well: a lot of proposals for lipsticks and shellac celebrate the shades of this warm embracing color.

A glam declaration

This is the color to wear not only as outfit, but also on your hair. Living Coral shades and reflections give your hair a glam and sexy look. This color suits perfectly any type of skin enhancing light and delicate as well as olive skin. It is amazing on long hair, extraordinary on short and middle-length cuts, fantastic on sophisticated hair-do, with braids and waves.

Are you ready to dare?

Our news are not over: shortly we’ll share with you how to give new light and glam tough of Living Coral to your hair with Emmediciotto products.