Argan line

Argan oil that comes directly from the hot and fascinating African desert is an ideal ally of the natural shine and softness of your hair. The secrets of its precious properties have been preserved by generations. The regeneration power of this oil gives the hair its natural beauty as well as a delicate and sensual fragrance. Such a precious ingredient could only become the protagonist of Emmediciotto research. This way 22 Luxury Argan line was born, with its exciting packaging worthy of its content.

A packaging, a story, an emotion

It is a real challenge to create a packaging able to reflect the characteristics of such a precious product. We faced this challenge successfully thanks to our collaboration with a specialized company from Umbria region, able to transform ideas and forms into aesthetic and functional solutions that go beyond a role of object to become important products that take on a life on their own. They are based on story-telling, communicate values and brand’s vision. For 22 Luxury Argan we designed and created this elegant flower box with a very simple opening mechanism that transforms a pack into an attractive form, beautiful to display and look at.

22 Luxury Argan line

Our 22 Luxury Argan line includes the following products Oil, Secret, Volume, Shampoo, Mask. Thanks to the cosmetic properties of the desert oil your hair will immediately become healthier, shinier, full of body. The precious elements of Argan oil such as vitamins E, A and F, antiradicals and antioxidants can help you to defend your hair from external actions and conditions that damages it: brushing, repeated technical treatments, pollution, UV rays. Caress your hair. Touch your natural wellbeing. Live your hair: healthier, shinier, full of body!