Take care of your hair as you do with your skin: a real mission
  -    -  Take care of your hair as you do with your skin: a real mission

Take care of your hair as you do with your skin: a real mission

In Italy, 40 millions of people suffer from diseases connected to skin/scalp problems and hair loss. The reasons can be different: from stress to bad diet or excess of sebum production. The figures indicate that 26 millions of people fight against dandruff problem, 11 millions suffer from baldness and 3 millions live with seborrhea. Official data suggest how crucial the market of hair care is for the economic growth of the hairdressers category that faces every day serious problems able to create embarrassment and discomfort in the life of people.


The very first expert who every day takes care of the hair beauty and health is the hairdresser. He is a professional who suggests to his clients the best solutions. Emmediciotto wants to support the hairdresser to get involved more and offer a highly professional treatment for hair and scalp. For this reason Emmediciotto created STEM-C line based on an innovative formulation that prevents and takes care of all anomalies of hair and scalp thanks to stem cells of green grape and purest sea salt.

“The success of STEM-C dates back to 10 years ago” Mauro Sopranzetti, Founder & Art Director of Emmediciotto, tells. “Like all products of our company, the life of this line was characterized by several formulation up-dates aimed to constantly improve its quality to give more efficacious answers to the new market needs. Recently the behavior of the end customer has more promoted the purchase of hair and scalp treatment products at large-scale retail stores and drugstores. This challenged us to do more research and create a revolutionary STEM-C line.”

The product was born in collaboration with Dr. Maria Pia Ferri, dermatology expert, who developed this total curative treatment together with Emmediciotto chemists: “STEM-C is the right remedy to solve the most important problems of hair and scalp. I recommended and will keep proposing it to my patients.”


This important synergy promoted a professional evolution of the hairdresser who becomes an Aesthetic Tricology Expert, an educated and certified professional able to offer an in-depth analysis and diagnosis and suggest a therapy to follow. It is possible also thanks to the use of Digital Microscope Medical Emmediciotto, a tricocamera that shows in a clear and precise way the problem to treat.


When the disease is found, it is possible to proceed with its treatment: a complete curative line created by Emmediciotto research lab, that includes specific products to answer any need of hair and scalp.


To counteract the progressive and persistent loss of hair. The formulation contains Follicusan (a powerful complex of proteins) and active stem cells of grape that perform a deep action on the scalp, rebalance oxygenation and nourishment of the hair bulb reactivating its regular functions. Active for more than 6 hours from the application. The hair becomes stronger, thicker, its fall stops from the very first applications. The shampoo counteracts the hair thinning, give volume and shine with an anti-age effect to hair and scalp.


A purifying anti-dandruff treatment to normalize the scalp conditions with a refreshing effect. The formulation is based on active stem cells of grape and piroctone olamine, excellent to normalize and purify the scalp and give freshness to the hair. The products slow down the dandruff production, sooth and give sensation of new skin.


Purifying innovative anti-grease treatment, 100% natural. Its formulation is based on two actions: treatment and cleansing, in a unique product enriched with the precious properties of active stem cells of grape, purest sea salt, bisabolol that work in synergy making the scalp healthy and pure. The product removes grease from scalp and hair, maintains their conditions, rebalances the correct function of sebaceous glands. It gives a pleasant and long-lasting sensation of freshness and lightness, the ritual for a deep detox and revitalizing action, total and intense sense of wellbeing.

The complex of these services represent an important signal of a technological and professional evolution, but especially a great opportunity to bring the hair treatment back to the place it really deserves: the beauty salon.