Segreti d'Argan

Hydrating, nourishing, toning: the benefits of Argan oil are secrets of beauty that have been preserved over centuries. This amber-colored oil from Morocco desert that has conquered the world takes care of your wellbeing and beauty. Emmediciotto offers the evolution of the product adding to Argan oil: Panthenol, Aloe Vera and Milk proteins.

Elixir of beauty

Day by day your hair is subject to external actions and conditions that can damage it: brushing, repeated technical treatments, pollution and UV rays. For this reason it deserves a special treatment. Have you ever experienced the Argan oil? It is naturally rich in vitamins E, A and F, antiradicals and antioxidants. This precious oil offers a protective, hydrating, nourishing and remineralizing action to your hair. Thanks to a high content of mineral salts and keratin agent this natural elixir of beauty stimulates the production of proteins. The result? Strong, elastic and naturally beautiful hair.

Easy as silk

Beauty products based on Argan oil are ultra light, perfect for all types of hair: the properties of this natural extract gives shine, softness, hydration. Do you dream of hair light as silk? We suggest two products able to satisfy all your dreams. 22 Luxury Argan Oil: a non-greasy restructuring oil, to apply before drying. Some drops applied on dry hair will give it even softer and shinier look. 22 Luxury Argan Shampoo: much more than just a shampoo, a true cream that cleanses, hydrates and massages your hair. A natural gesture for a perfect hair. 22 Luxury Argan Secret, a no-rinse untangling and modelling conditioner.

Light that regenerates

Argan oil, pantenol, aloe vera and milk proteins: four fantastic ingredients that give hydration to dry and damaged hair, reinforce its structure and make the hair shiny and easy to comb. Do you desire a completely regenerated hair, healthy-looking and full of body? There are two allies ready to help you. 22 Luxury Argan Mask takes care of wet hair after shampoo. Leave it on for a few minutes, rinse off and proceed drying. 22 Luxury Argan Volume: towel-dry the hair and spray the product on wet roots before the blow-dry. Feel and experience the volume.

Caress your well-being

Thanks to the cosmetic properties of Argan oil your hair will immediately become healthier, shinier, full of body. Caress your hair. Touch your natural wellbeing. Live your dreams.