Shaving in 7 steps: perfect italian shaving style

Italian shaving style defined “Classic Shave” consists of classic shaving with brush, razor and use of warm towel.


It is important to choose the best moment for shaving that is normally in the morning, since in this part of the day the face musculature is more relaxed, hydrated and less tense. Apply Capri All-in-one Beard Oil before shaving. Then put a warm towel on the face to open skin pores and thus make it softer.


Pour some warm water on the brush and dose the Taormina Shaving Cream, emulsion it with your hands on the brush. As soon as the voluminous cream is ready, apply it on the face with circular movements, like performing a massage to stimulate the microcirculation.


Pass the razor delicately: everything depends on the delicacy of the gesture. It is important to follow the direction of the hair growth always. Remember to clean the blade often with warm water. Avoid moving against natural lay of the hair, especially in case of long beard: this movement removes the bulb from its root, stresses the skin and break capillary.


Rinse and perform a scrub massage with your hands to remove the impurities from the skin and leave the face soft to the touch.


After shaving apply the soothing Firenze After Shave Balm and tampon till it is completely absorbed to regenerate the skin tissue. Reactivate the circulation tapping on cheeks and chin.


Apply the hydrating cream Venezia Anti-age Face Cream with a light massage to create a film that will protect the skin against atmospheric agents. If used regularly it’ll reduce the wrinkles deeply giving a more relaxed aspect.


Put a cool towel on the face to close the pores. This step is very important especially in winter. At the end apply Capri All-in-one Beard Oil on the beard for polishing and softening action.


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