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2 Perfect Smoothing

500 ml - 16.90 fl.oz.

Hydrating, anti-frizz smoothing fluid for amazing results.



Hydrating, anti-frizz smoothing fluid for amazing results.Its unique formula it’s a sophisticated combination of actives of vegetal-origin, amino acids and soy and wheat fito-proteins, guar gum and silk proteins. Hair is regenerated, cuticles closed. It eliminates frizzy effect and volume giving a new beauty to damaged hair for an immediate recovering, for a perfect smooth.

Additional information

> SMOOTH EFFECT: After shampoo dry the hair with the hairdryer and divide the hair in 4 sections. Wear disposable gloves and with a hair brush or with the specific measuring cup, apply the smoothing fluid on the entire head of hair mm. 6 away from the scalp. Massage delicately. Comb carefully. Wear a cap and leave on for 25/35 minutes. After that time, without rinse, dry the hair using an hairdryer, then use the flat iron dividing the hair in small locks starting from 1 cm from the scalp. Repeat for 10 times and never go over 180°C/356°F. In any case calibrate the temperature according to the hair condition. Rinse carefully the entire head of hear with lukewarm water. Apply 3 Final Conditioner, leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Dry and proceed with style. > ANTI FRIZZ-EFFECT: For a softer anti-frizz effect just reduce processing time (15/20 min.) and don’t use the flat iron. Follow all the other steps.


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