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BALAYAGE Bleach Powder High Definition

400 gr 14.1 oz

High precision bleaching for free-hand lightening.


BE9+ BALAYAGE BLEACH POWDER high definition is a powder for “freehand” precision bleaching, created to improve the creative performance of the most demanding colourists. The Kaolin (white clay) present in the formula guarantees the compactness of the texture and adherence to the hair for the entire duration of the application. Protection is ensured by Guar Gum, which boasts emollient, nourishing properties and creates a film that protects the hair. It bleaches up to 10 levels and ensures a very precise and detailed application.

Once the desired result has been achieved, we recommend washing your hair with 14 Shampoo Colored Hair + 14 Conditioner Colored Hair. You can tonalize using a desired shade of MIA Color Cream + pH Transformer + Cream Hydrogen Peroxide 10 Vol. to obtain perfect results.

Additional information

DOSES: 1 measuring cup 30 g. of BALAYAGE Bleach Powder high definition + 45-60 ml of oxygen Cream Hydrogen Peroxide 20/30/40 volumes. PREPARATION: Pour the compact powder into a non-metallic container containing the dose of oxidizing emulsion and mix until a homogeneous cream is obtained. APPLICATION TIME: From 30 to 45 minutes depending on the intensity of the desired lightening. The product has a progressive bleaching power. After 45 minutes its bleaching action ends, it is advisable to check frequently.