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MP Complex Hair Integrity Protector

3 x 100 ml - 3 x 3.38 fl.oz

Protective supplement for technical treatments.


From today every hairstylist in the world has a new ally to perform technical services (bleaching and coloring) without weakening the hair structure. MP COMPLEX is a new service that revolutionizes the world of the technical services. It’s a performance product to be added to the bleaching mix or to the color that reduces the risk of damaging the hair. Among the active ingredients there is CASTOR oil, a plant with reinforcing, restructuring and softening properties. It works safely on already bleached or stressed hair. It is a revolutionary product that ‘recognizes’ damaged hair and intervenes effectively where the disulfide bridges are broken. It acts as a supplement by healing the parts damaged previous bleaching. It restores and protects the hair ensuring safe bleaching, perfect shiny hair.

Easy to use:

> It does not change application time;

> It does not decrease bleaching power;

> It is not necessary to change the volume of oxygen;

> It is suitable for all hair types.

Additional information

MP COMPLEX must be added to the bleaching mixture in proportion to the amount of powder used: 30 gr bleaching powder + 5 ml MP COMPLEX + 60 gr bleaching powder + 10 ml MP COMPLEX. Mix well with a brush. After the application time, rinse well, wash twice with 07 Tonic Shampoo, towel-dry and re-apply 5 ml of MP COMPLEX + 5 ml of water (in case of fine hair dilute with 10 ml of water) only on the bleached parts. Do not rinse, towel-dry and proceed with drying.