Absolute Smoothing Hair

500 ml - 16.90 fl.oz.

Fluid smoothing cream with keratin for a ABSOLUTE SMOOTH.

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Fluid smoothing cream with keratin based on an innovative formula for a new technical service “absolute liss”. Keratin is a natural component of hair that reinforces it. Keratin nourishes and replums the hair and assures a perfect liss effect thanks to its disciplining action.

Additional information

STEP 1: SHAMPOO Apply 1 Preparing Shampoo on wet hair, massage and rinse. Repeat 2 times. STEP 2: DRYING Dry with towel and proceed with the hair dryer according to the indications below. TYPE OF HAIR: > Natural Dry 100% > Afro natural or colored Dry to 70% > Colored or bleached to 50% Dry to 70% > Bleached to 70% or more Keep the ends wet > White Keep the ends wet. STEP 3: TREATMENT Divide the hair with a comb in 4 parts (profile and radial separation). Shake the bottle, pour 30/50 ml of LISS 2 Plus into a plastic bowl. The quantity required depends on the hair length and mass. Start from the nape area, divide the sector with horizontal sections of 1/2 cm and apply LISS 2 Plus with a brush (rigid bristles) Keep the distance of 0,5 cm from the scalp and proceed till the ends. Massage each lock with your hands to let the product penetrate easier in the hair fibre. TYPE OF HAIR: > Natural 30 min Do not rinse > Afro natural 35 min Do not rinse > Colored 35 min Do not rinse > Colored or bleached to 50% 25 min rinse 5 sec at most > Bleached to 70 % or more 10 / 15 min rinse 10 sec at most > White 10 / 15 min rinse 15 sec at most. STEP 4: POST-TREATMENT DRYING When the application time is over, slightly rinse with lukewarm water if indicated in the instructions and proceed drying. Rinsing should not exceed 15 sec and must be uniform. Dry the hair to 100% with brush and flat iron. STEP 5: IRONING Before you proceed with the flat iron check that the hair is perfectly dry. Set the temperature of the iron. It is important to choose the correct temperature of the iron to obtain excellent result. Divide the hair with a comb into 4 sectors (profile and radial separation). Start from the nape area, divide the sector with the comb in horizontal sections of 1/2 cm. Keep the lock in tension with a brush, ass the iron from base to ends, check the result every time and keep under control the correct temperature, color. Insist on the most difficult areas (nape, regrowth, frontal area) Pass the iron more times always observing the reaction of the first locks.