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Atomic Blonde

Kit perfect and safe blond

30 gr - 1.06 oz. + 8 ml - 0.27 fl.oz + 10/10 ml - 0.33 fl.oz. / 0.33 fl.oz.

Perfect and safe blond.

Bleaching service has never been so easy.





Bleaching is a complex technical service, the quality of which is crucial to qualify the professional level of Hairstylist and to protect his business daily attacked by “do it yourself”. Bleaching service requires a high quality product, an appropriate hair protection and a special care during preparation and application. For this reason we prepared a kit containing all the products needed, single-dose, creating a customized service able to grant the best possible result. A solution that simplify the preparation, eliminating all possible and recurring human mistakes like wrong dosage, lack of a component and so on. These mistakes are pointed out by a market research that shows how negatively they weigh on the quality level of the final result. The kit eliminates human errors and clients will appreciate this solution. 

Additional information

BLEACHING POWDER: Ammonia-free bleaching blue powder (up to 7 tones) must be mixed with peroxide cream 30/40 volumes to achieve a bleaching effect beyond 5 tones. APPLICATION: First total treatment: start the application where the hair is darkest (in general the neck), working from the ends to the roots avoiding scalp. Regrowth-treatment: apply to the regrowth area. DEVELOPMENT TIME: Leave for 20-45 minutes, according to the desired bleaching-degree. Without the use of a warmth-source dust free bleaching powder has a progressive decoloration-action that stops after 45 minutes. When a warmth-source is used (Clima Zone only) this period is remarkably shorter. Always control carefully. If the desired results has been achieved, rinse the hair abundantly with lukewarm water and 00 Silver Shampoo. MP COMPLEX Hair Integrity Protector: MP COMPLEX is a high performance product that is added to the bleaching powder to reduce considerably the risk of hair damage. It safely acts on bleached or damaged hair, working efficaciously on the broken disulfide bridges. It acts as a supplement able to repair the hair damaged by previous treatments. It repairs and protects the hair assuring a safe bleaching and a perfect hair.USE: DECO (BLEACH) Mix in the following ratio: 30 gr of bleaching powder (1 envelope) + 8 ml of MP COMPLEX. As soon as the processing time is over, wash the hair with 00 Silver Shampoo, towel dry and use 14 Conditioner Colored Hair.Rinse and proceed with a blow-dry. 00 SILVER SHAMPOO Cream shampoo concentrated with blue/violet pigment to brighten up blond, bleached, white, grey hair and highlights, neutralizes yellow effect. USE: Put on wet hair and massage delicately. Repeat the application. For a deeper result leave on for 5/10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. 14 CONDITIONER COLORED HAIR 14 Conditioner Colored Hair has a rich formula with ph 4 to maintain the color and nourich the hair. USE: After cleansing with 00 Silver Shampoo, apply on the hair slightly dried with a towel. Leave on for a few minutes. Rinse off and continue with styling.


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