Ammonia Free

Confezione 3 flaconi da 100 ml. - 63 nuance

Passion Colour Oil Ammonia-Free Anti-Age represents the result of the most advanced researches: it is a highly cosmetic oil hair dye without ammonia that allows to colour the hair delicately and makes it luminous, full of energy and shine, pleasant to the touch. The full respect of skin and hair is assured and a 100% grey hair coverage with long-lasting results is guaranteed. Passion colour oil ammonia free anti age is a multifunctional colour that permits to perform: permanent colour – tone to tone – reviver/ reflections.
Passion colour oil has created a line of new colours, making particular combinations able to create light effects that fascinate colour professionals so much.

This line of hair dyes represents the most recent employment of some of the most ancient natural recipes coming from the Chinese and Mediterranean tradition, which make use of the extraordinary biodynamic properties of Green tea and Olive Leaves.
The Green tea plant thanks to a mix of molecules known as polyphenols protects it’s own biological defences, assuring energy and brightness, shine and colour resistance to its the leaves.
The Olive tree is well known for high concentrations of tannins and polyphenols that can be described as the “P Factor”. The “P” Factor is the property thanks to which the living organisms protect themselves against biological deterioration caused by the action of external agents (Pollution and Climate), as well as internal agents, such as premature ageing.
The P factor and the polyphenols are provided with exceptional anti-oxidant properties, which are able to capture free radicals and then counteract them. In hair and follicles, the P factor contrasts typical ageing effects, it fights against grey hair and the typical atonic aspect of the hair after the thirties.

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